In November of 2000 I had the chance to visit Australia, where my husband had been working for a fortnight. Will it surprise you to learn that I fairly jumped at the opportunity?!
In Sydney, my 'holiday of a lifetime' began in glorious sunshine (a stark contrast to the floods I'd left behind in England) and although the day clouded over, nothing could take away the sun inside! 'Must sees' of course are the amazing Harbour Bridge & Opera House. Believe me, nothing quite prepares you for a stroll round Circular Quay - the sights you're so used to seeing on film or TV are awesome in real life!

Husband Chris had 'done the Bridge' the week before I arrived, in other words, he'd joined a party who climbed the bridge under the watchful eye of a professional guide. He's got the pics to prove it & says it's a simply breathtaking experience - not one for the faint-hearted or sufferers of vertigo!

We'll gloss over the jet-lag that hit me like a ton of bricks halfway through my first day - but by then I had been awake, pretty busy & not a little excited for 48 hours!

Below you'll find a few photos of the more famous sights of a wonderful city. Some of our best memories are on video or (sadly) not recorded at all, but I hope you'll enjoy the pictures I have brought back!

N. B. The thumbnails on this page can all be enlarged by clicking on them. That unfortunately doesn't apply to all photos in the Australia section, but those that can be enlarged on the other pages are so noted. Unless otherwise stated, all our Australia photos are copyright of Chris J Gay, photographer and husband extraordinaire.

Chris atop Sydney Harbour Bridge

Not the view of the Opera House most of us get! Chris almost at the top of the Sydney harbour Bridge.

Sydney Opera House

Above is a more familiar view. These Aussies certainly know how to make you feel at home - note the cloudy sky & 'lumpy' water!!!!

Sailing into Sydney harbour

Can you see Fletcher Christian waving? Chris has a good eye for the perfect photo!

Below are some fabulous photos Chris took on a trip up into the Blue Mountains. I missed out as I was still in England at the time, but the photos are too spectacular not to share!

A stunning waterfall Cascade!
Valley in the Blue Mountains Blue Mountain crags

On my second day, Monday, Chris & I went to Darling Harbour to meet Glen Jameson, a fellow Border Collie enthusiast. Over lunch outside a quayside restaurant, we sat in beautiful surroundings to plan a visit to Canberra, home of the Australian Parliament. Glen had made the very kind offer to act as chauffeur/tour guide for wherever we wanted to go & we certainly enjoyed the following day in his company!

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