Sheltysham Son Of Swag for Borderclan JW (A.I.) x Darian Frankly My Dear
dob 25.07.2022
Hips 6:6 ~ Elbows 0:0
DNA status: CEA/CH ~ TNS ~ IGS ~ NCL ~ MDR1 ~ SN ~ Gonio ~ DH tested clear

Charlie (my hearth dog!) at 14 months

Having made the decision to retire from breeding, I had no plans to keep a pup from my final litter, although I was reminded that if there was a really 'special one', I could always think again..... I did decide it would have to be a boy or I might be tempted to carry on breeding! Frankie's last litter duly arrived and once I was sure she'd finished, with her bed changed, pups all polished & in a tangled, contented heap, I relaxed. Yes of course they were all gorgeous, they were Frankie babies after all, but I wasn't feeling that 'pull'. A little while later however, Frankie stood up, turned around & deposited a stunning black tricolour boy on top of the sleepy seven and there he was, 'tail end Charlie', puppy number 8..... and without a shadow of a doubt, mine!

There followed many months of calling him 'the world's naughtiest puppy' & looking deep into his eyes, telling him 'it's a good job you're pretty' but honestly, I wouldn't change a thing about him. He's so full of personality, so loving and I'm just so happy he turned up at the eleventh hour :D)

Despite being told repeatedly that I should put him in the breed ring I have no plans to do so - Charlie is here for me. The very last Darian puppy from the very last Darian litter, perhaps he was just meant to be.


Charlie at 5 weeks

Pedigree of Darian Easy Lover

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great-grandparents
Sheltysham Son Of Swag for Borderclan JW (A.I.) Sh Ch Sheltysham Swagman Sh Ch Viber Travelling Matt From Corinlea Sh Ch Cluff Of Mobella
Sh Ch Sacul Highland Mist From Corinlea
Detania Dolly Bird At Sheltysham Sh Ch Lethans Hopeful Flame
Detania Giglet
Sh Ch/Bel Vet Ch Sheltysham Shockin Showoff Sh Ch Sheltysham Shockin Snob Caristan Chance Of Love
Sh Ch Sheltysham Shampane Snob
Sheltysham Space Spels Sh Ch Littlethorn Galaxy
Sh Ch Sheltysham Shampane Snob
Darian Frankly My Dear Raving Mad Underconstruction (imp Ita) It Ch Greenpire Billabong Aust Gr Ch Danbeth Fullstop
Aut/Slov Ch Borderline Country Xdream
Kamikaze Underconstruction Int/It Ch Littlethorn Lamborghini
Darian Myths N'Legends Bekwey Muchacho CSC Bekkis Virtuoso CDex - TDex
Bekkis Talaria Over Bekwey
Darian Hearts On Fire Darian Darqfire
Bilyara Feeling Alive At Darian

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