About Your Design

The aim is always that a client goes away happy with the very best design for their individual needs. To that end, designing is a continual process & begins with you detailing your dream as specifically as possible. As the design progresses, consultation between both parties ensures a positive outcome.

Based on the information you provide, a free quote is prepared. Please remember that a 100% accurate assessment of the time & graphic work required to complete a design is almost impossible at this stage. Once the quote is agreed upon, a retainer (one half of the estimated total cost) is payable immediately, before work begins.

Consultation between designer & client results in creation of a sample header graphic. One alternative sample graphic (a different design from the first) may or may not be included in the estimate; further samples will be charged for.

Next, a *mock up* of the whole page will be placed on my own site for your consideration & two revisions (layout and/or minor graphic changes) are allowed for in the fee structure. Once we reach agreement, the design will be finalised. Please be sure that the graphics meet your requirements, since should you change your mind after this stage, you will be charged for a whole new template design.

Your design will be carefully constructed and before delivery, it will have to satisfy me that it tests successfully in the most widely used browsers and resolutions. However, I cannot guarantee total compatibility with every single browser, browser version or operating platform.

Your site will be built in the first instance on my own web space, with access strictly limited to you and me. As soon as the design is completed, the balance of fees owing falls due. Once I have verification that payment has been made to my account & the transfer of funds has been confirmed, your graphics and/or templates will be emailed to you in a zip file (and/or uploaded to your web space if that is part of the agreement). If you lose the original version of your purchase, I will not replace it free of charge. It is up to you to make a copy for safekeeping. The sole exception to this policy is if an agreement has already been reached for me to manage the site on your behalf, in which case I will undertake to keep a back-up for you.

Having learned from experience, my policy now is simply to offer no refunds under any circumstances once work has commenced. There is plenty of time during the early negotiations should you change your mind & wish to withdraw amicably from the project. If you cancel the project at any time after work has commenced, the retainer is forfeit. If work has progressed beyond the value of the retainer, you may be billed for a further percentage of the full price quoted, according to the amount of work completed at cancellation.

While Darian Web Design does not offer these services, I can advise you through the process of acquiring your domain name & setting up your web space with a suitable host. If your template is being designed by Darian Web Design, there is no charge for this advice. If your template is being purchased elsewhere, a fee will be charged at the current hourly rate.

If you require, your site's content can be constructed for you & uploaded to your server. Fees will be charged at the current hourly rate.

Please note
that any images, text or other material provided by you must be your own or you must have written permission from the copyright holder. The use of copyrighted materials where the copyright does not reside with you or you do not have that permission will under no circumstances be considered. Copyright of web design remains with Darian Web Design unless otherwise agreed before the commencement of work & a small credit must be visible on the finished main web page.

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