DARIAN DAY ~ May 3rd 2009

The very first Darian Day!

We have so many talented souls amongst our number. Chris brought along her Working Trials expertise and amongst other things demonstrated tracking and the long sendaway the sport calls for. Emma provided the Agility and Flyball equipment and yes the jumps ARE scrumptious pink! Between those whose dogs had trained Flyball and those wanting to have a go, we could almost have fielded our own tournament, never mind a single team. We have a good smattering of YKC handlers too, something I love to see as these are the stars of the future.

My husband Chris was the excellent chef in charge of the 'bring a plate' BBQ and we laid on a salad accompaniment, along with hot and cold drinks. Dessert came in the form of mini pavlovas, loaded with cream & raspberries (also referred to with a yearning sigh as "pavlohhhhhvas"), courtesy of Honorary Darian owner Hils, and others brought goodies too. Julie gifted us a lovely bag which we raffled to pay for the venue (and what a great venue it was).

Best of all for me was watching the obvious enjoyment of both handlers and dogs - I was so pleased and so very proud of them all. Some of the Darians brought along their kennel mates, so there were 'Honorary Darians For The Day' having fun as well. The most recent litter were almost all present, taking the noise and excitement - and the attention! - in their stride. At 9 weeks old they were too young to do more than play and sleep, but they were very proficient at winning hearts and I think their owners had to keep a watch out for potential pupnapppers!.

I'd originally planned to hold a few fun 'Novelty' classes, but everyone was so busy having a good time I decided it would be a shame to interrupt them. Maybe next year! All agreed the event was a runaway success and we hope to repeat the experience, perhaps making it an annual event.

I don't propose to say anything more, but to let the photos speak for themselves. Some were taken by the day's participants - thank you!

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L to R: The oldest Darian present, Abi ~ Bod & family arriving ~ the youngest Darian, Abi's granddaughter Gem

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