DARIAN DAY ~ May 9th 2010

After the resounding success of last year's Darian Day, a repeat event was an absolute must. Gathering the Darian family together is a joy and although the weather in the preceding week was pretty wet and miserable, the day itself dawned bright and sunny. We were plagued with a cold wind for some of the time, but nothing dampened our spirits and a good time was once again had by all.

Emma brought her Flyball equipment again and Jane her Agility jumps. Jane & her lovely Mair also treated us to a superb display of C Obedience heelwork - I was eating my lunch at the time and sat there enjoying a grandstand view! Talking of food......my husband Chris was a great hit with every dog present - it's amazing how bits of black pudding will tempt puppies away from their owners!

This year's raffle prize was a stunning, hand-decorated collar, generously crafted and donated by Emma - a gorgeous bit of 'bling'!

I'm always so proud when I see the dogs I've bred gathered together this way - and watching the obvious love shared by owners and dogs. As always, some of the Darians brought along their kennel mates, so there were 'Honorary Darians For The Day' having fun as well. Folly's December '09 litter were all there except of course for their American sister, and they had so much fun playing as a pack again. Our oldest Darians this year were litter brother and sister Doobie and Pippa, 13 years old and thoroughly enjoying their day out. My little blue shadow Abi was her usual flirty self, enjoying the freedom to play with as many of her sons and grandsons as she could!

This year's photos can be found below and in the Gallery - few action shots this time, but plenty of the family enjoying each other's company. My thanks to Janet for a few of the photos on the Gallery page.

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L to R: The oldest Darians present, littermates Pippa & Doobie, aged 13
12 year old Abi flirts outrageously with grandson Elmo
2 of the youngest Darians, Folly's 4 month old daughters Brandi & Jess

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