DARIAN DAY ~ May 12th 2013

After a missed year Darian Day was back with a loud hooray in 2013! Not sure what to say about the weather, except that it let us down rather, after a couple of superb weeks. The morning started brightly enough but soon clouded over. High winds preceded heavy rain, but you know, I was surrounded by smiling faces all day - dog folk are hardy so we simply pulled out the waterproofs and carried on enjoying ourselves :)

Thanks to Sara and Emma we had some Agility jumps to play on and Jane set out scent and sendaway training for interested parties.

This year we had several fantastic raffle prizes, from wine, soft toys and toiletries to some of Jennie's lovely hand crafted greetings cards and an amazing hamper of doggie goodies from Jane and John. Once again everyone bought tickets enough to cover the cost of the venue - thank you!

As always the Darians were joined by their Honorary Darian housemates & all can be found in the photos below. Star brought along her baby daughter Dust, but left her coat at home (one of the joys of having a litter being that you lose all your furnishings by the time they're a few months old!) and there were a couple of Davmic Teddytots joining in the fun this year as well. All very welcome!

I sorely missed my lovely Abi this time - we lost her just 8 months ago and for a while it didn't feel right to be wandering about the field without my Little Blue Shadow. I was surrounded by her descendants though and her granddaughter seems to have taken on the mantle of always being a step behind me as I stand talking to people. Feminist Folly - she had to put all her sons in their place but let her daughters do whatever they liked!

This year's 88 photos are presented in slideshow format and will play continuously - enjoy!

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