DARIAN DAY ~ October 4th & 5th 2014

Darian Day 2014 Darian Day 2014 Darian Day 2014 Darian Day 2014
Darian Day 2014 Darian Day 2014 Darian Day 2014 Darian Day 2014

It was a complete change this year as Darian HQ moved from Warwickshire to East Yorkshire at the end of January and we can now host the Family gatherings at home! Due to the extra long journey it means for those in the south, we decided to expand the 'Day' into a weekend, with several people staying locally overnight. Sadly numbers were depleted, since many had previous engagements. Next year we hope to return to an early summer date and welcome more Darians and their owners to Bramble Cottage.

Saturday started with heavy rain but thankfully the skies cleared in the early afternoon and we only saw the odd bit of drizzle as the day wore on. The BBQ was a great success, although we must sort out some extra 'party' lighting for next year. When the motion-sensitive outside lights went off, various Family members obligingly stood up or waved their arms to trigger the light and we just carried on amid the laughter!! The evening turned very cold (that's October for you!) but the smiles and good humour never slipped :D)

We were so delighted to wake up to a very sunny Sunday. The order of the day was chat, picnic (everyone contributed and it was fabulous) and lots of play for the 13 week old puppies - Darq had a great time chasing and being chased by her brothers Banks and Harvey. Look for the 'round & round the Philodendron' and 'round & round the shrubbery' photos! Star brought along her daughter Dust and Honorary Darian Trix, who all enjoyed a quick game of football before the BBQ on Saturday.

This year's photos are presented in slideshow format and will play continuously - there are a lot of images, so please give them a moment to load!

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