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WELCOME to Darian Border Collies - I hope you'll find your visit informative and enjoyable.

I've always striven to produce sound, healthy Border Collies of good temperament, who retain the breed's amazing aptitude for work in all its guises.

We've had hip scoring, eye tests & hearing tests for a long time, but now DNA testing for CEA/CH, NCL, TNS, IGS, MDR1, SN & Glaucoma pre-dispostion are great advances in Border Collie health matters. Anything which helps eradicate disease is to be warmly embraced.

Please take the time to read my articles 'Health & The Border Collie' and the accompanying 'DNA Testing - The Way Forward With Carriers'. These can be found via the link on the left.

Please visit my dogs by clicking on their names. The 'Puppies' page has a link to my article 'So You Want To Breed A Litter?'.

On the rare occasions I may have (or know of) an older puppy or adult Darian in need of a new home, details will be posted via the 'Available' link on the left.

While success in competition is a wonderful thing, my dogs (& all those I've bred) are essentially much-loved companions, sharing the lives & homes of those who own them. Anything more is 'icing on the cake'.

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Why I have not renewed my membership of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme (March 2013)

Those of you who are regular visitors to my site might notice that I've removed the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme logo, for the simple reason that I've decided not to renew my membership.

When it first came into being, I held off joining the scheme for a couple of years as I felt the requirements and recommendations fell very short of my own standards of heath testing and puppy rearing. Pleasingly, over the course of the following few years standards started to be raised, requirements and recommendations added. These were still short of what I myself do and I also had other concerns, but all improvements are steps in the right direction and I was happy to sign up.

Why then have I not renewed my membership? Let me explain……. It's all to do with those 'other concerns'. If I fail, as an Assured Breeder, to abide by the rules, my puppies won't be registered and quite rightly so. However - read this carefully please - if I'm not an Assured Breeder, don't bother to do any health testing, house my breeding bitches in poor conditions etc. etc., I don't have to abide by such rules, my premises won't be checked for suitability - and my puppies will STILL be registered. That, to my mind, renders the scheme toothless and pointless and I can find no justification for it.

If the Kennel Club changes the system and requires ALL breeders to abide by the rules of the Assured Breeder Scheme I'll shout hallelujah!! There'll actually be no need for the scheme, the 'them and us' idea. ALL breeders should abide by certain ethical considerations and the Kennel Club should NOT register puppies from those who don't. Simple. Of course, pigs might fly...... In the meantime, I'll continue to health test, to provide my dogs and bitches with the best possible living conditions, fulfil their needs physical, mental and emotional and if I breed a litter, support my puppy owners to the very best of my ability, just as I always have.

And I do not need to be a member of any scheme to do that.

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18th December 2012 was a special 'silver anniversary' for me - 25 years before, on 18th December 1987, the very first Darian litter was born……..

I owe a great deal to the late Sue Large, who was a superb mentor in those early days of establishing my line. My foundation bitch Zendi came from Sue & she allowed me to use her fabulous boys Sh Ch Wizaland McIntosh and Wizaland Jack Frost at stud to produce my first 2 litters. All of the Darians come down from Zendi and from Mac & Jack's amazing dam Show & Obedience Champion Whenway Mist of Wizaland, after all these years still the breed's only dual Champion.

The first few litters were dual registered and although we've lost the ISDS registration these days, we quite deliberately haven't lost the Border Collie's innate working ability. Darians have travelled all over the world and have excelled in Obedience, Working Trials, Agility and Flyball. They've worked stock, been hospital visiting and YKC dogs and have even gathered a few stud book numbers from the breed ring. Most of all, they combine brains, temperament, sound conformation and good health (choose your own order of priority - they're all important to me) and have made me so many terrific friends both here & overseas.

I have so much to be thankful for & so much to be proud of - and I am!

Please Note: I no longer export. I get far too attached to my puppies as it is, but it's so much harder to let them go after keeping them here for the extra weeks / months before export.

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