Bilyara Whirlwind Romance x Sh Ch Claygar Bootsy 'N Snudge
dob 18:3:04
Hips 5:7 ~ PRA Normal ~ BAER Hearing Normal
DNA status: CEA/CH Clear ~ CL Clear ~ TNS Clear ~ MDR1 clear

Kate aged 6, July 2010 Kate aged 6, July 2010 Kate aged 6, July 2010
Kate aged 6, July 2010 Kate aged 6, July 2010 Kate aged 6, July 2010
Kate aged 6, July 2010 Kate aged 6, July 2010 Kate aged 6, July 2010

Kate aged 6, July 2010

Kate was bred by my friends Karen & David Angier & her lines go back to all my own oldies. In the spring of 2004, it seemed that after almost 20 years of careful breeding the Darian line would end (we had reason to believe that Abi was a CEA carrier, but then to our horror it seemed that the sire of her final litter was a carrier too). Thankfully the pups all passed their 6 week eye test, but tears were shed for what might have been. Then enter Karen to the rescue & Kate came to join us on 12th May 2004.

Of course Kate cared not a jot that so many hopes were resting on her - she was far too busy being a puppy. And what a puppy!! I learned fairly quickly on the long drive home that she had an amazingly powerful set of lungs......Her snuggly, loving personality more than made up for that though - she strolled into our home & our hearts as if she was always meant to be here.

Science progresses & the DNA test became available at the start of 2005 - at last we had a way to identify carriers of the CEA gene. All my dogs were tested & to our astonishment (& huge delight) all were clear. While this was fabulous news, words will never be enough to tell Karen & David how much their friendship & generosity meant to me. A simple "thank you" seems so inadequate, but thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

As a puppy, Kate's impersonation of a demented lamb in the show ring won her many hearts........after all, why stand still & move smoothly when there's exploring to do & people to greet? Nice one Skate! Luckily, as maturity set in, Kate decided to stop embarrassing me in the ring & we even got to some shows & came home with a card and a Crufts qualifier or two...

Kate is a fantastic mother & has produced three superb litters - take a look at the Puppies page to meet them. Now retired from both show ring and whelping box, Kate is a loving mum (& partner in mischief) to Folly and an adoring grandma to Folly's babies, but most of all, she's our Skate The Squeak :)

Above: Kate at 12 months (Photos by Sue James)

Below: Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of these 2 pics of Kate at almost 4 years

Kate with 8 month old daughter Folly
Kate with 8 month old daughter Folly

Pedigree of Bilyara Feeling Alive At Darian

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great-grandparents
Sh Ch Claygar Bootsy 'N Snudge Sh Ch & Ir Ch Merrybrook Moriaty JW Sh Ch & NZ Ch Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone NZ Ch Aberdeenboy of Clan-Abby
NZ Ch Clan-Abby Lorna Doone
Merrybrook Bluebell Wizaland Newz Sensation
Merrybrook Laura
Sh Ch Black Booties O'Clan-Abby Aust Ch Induru Benjamin Boots Aust Ch Mollara Prince Glen
Eladna Miss Bonnie Maree
NZ Ch & Am Ch Clan-Abby To Hell'n Back Aust Ch & NZ Ch Tamaari Go To The Devil
Aust Ch & NZ Ch Lazerjoy of Clan-Abby
Bilyara Whirlwind Romance Sh Ch Miraje The Storm Lord JW Wizaland Loves Casanova Sh Ch Wizaland Newz Edition JW
Sh Ch & Ir Ch Image Of Love at Clan-Abby JW
Loracian Black Velvet Sh Ch & NZ Ch Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone
Wizaland Newz Maker
Bilyara Forever In Blue Jeans Darian Indigo Frost 182003 Wizaland Jack Frost 161273
Rainbowzend at Wizaland in Darian 133798
Darian Silver Wedding At Bilyara Wizaland Loves Casanova
Darian Silver Flute


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