Rainbowzend At Wizaland In Darian x Wizaland Jack Frost
8:7:1989 - 4:2:2005

Jack pictured in his prime, 5 years old

In the early afternoon of 4th February I held The Old Gentleman in my arms for the final time. He gave hardly a sigh & gently, peacefully slipped away. The sands of time had run out. Jack had never suffered a day's illness & at the last, was defeated only by age. His having lived such a long, happy & healthy life can't ease the pain of losing him, but it does bring comfort.

The moment Jack opened his eyes he began his love affair with the human race. He was a wonderful character, always eager to please, always a gentleman.

Although I never worked him in competition, Jack was nonetheless obedience trained and he also tried his paw at stock work with some success. He gained his Kennel Club Stud Book number but never really enjoyed the show ring, so retired early to do more (to him) important things, such as forming the pack at home into 'Neighbourhood Cat Watch' or keeping Teddy fit by acting as his 'sheep'.

Jack's lasting monument is the joy he brought to so many as a hospital visiting therapy dog, a role he might have been born for, a role that he loved & at which he excelled.

He proved himself a most successful sire, his progeny having done extremely well in Obedience, Agility, Working Trials and the breed ring. More importantly, perhaps, they seemed to inherit not only his working ability, but also his superb temperament.

He was my beloved friend & companion. Jack lives on in my heart forever.

Pedigree of Darian Indigo Frost 182003

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great-grandparents
Wizaland Jack Frost 161273 Sh Ch Tork of Whenway 121117 Clun Roy I 92944 Dave 65455
Fly 33034
Belle 69675 Int Sup Ch Bosworth Coon 34186
Smut 51704
Ob Ch & Sh Ch Whenway Mist of Wizaland 110623 Gelert of Gawne from Whenway 98184 Roy 79357
Anna 89642
Andersley Demelza from Whenway 102452 Scot 87318
Drain of Andersley 94058
Rainbowzend at Wizaland in Darian 133798 Clun Roy I 92944 Dave 65455 Int Sup Ch Cap 50543
Phil 51336
Fly 33034 Eng Nat Ch Ben 12953
Smit 20339
Topaz 117871 Gelert of Gawne from Whenway 98184 Roy 79357
Anna 89642
Sanja Beverley of Andersley 106250 Spot 71011
Bute of Sanja 86102

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