Rainbowzend At Wizaland In Darian x Sh. Ch. Wizaland McIntosh
18:12:87 - 24:10:02

Photo at almost 14 years old courtesy of Karen Dalglish

25th October 2002
I can do no better than print here the words I found through yesterday's tears for Sunny's obituary:

"In December of 1987 a vet (who had best remain nameless) caesared my Zendi & managed to put her 2 big pups to sleep at the same time. When his nurse told me they'd lost those 2 & were going to lose the smaller 2 as well I saw red & barged my way into the surgery. I worked on those pups & brought them back to life, then gathered up Zendi & her babies & brought them home. I kept the little dark bitch & called her Sunny. She was my Special Person.

Late this morning I held Sunny in my arms as she slipped away to Rainbow Bridge. My heart is split from side to side."

Sunny won well in Obedience, despite being interrupted for maternal duties, but she retired without ever reaching her full potential as I became more involved in conformation showing with two of her pups, Flute & Cap (D. Silver Flute & D. Sea Fever). She passed on her many talents, producing winners in Obedience, Agility & the show ring.

She suffered a moderately serious stroke in May 2000 & had countless minor ones in the years following. Her zest for life & loving was not diminished and although she voluntarily stepped down from her position as 'matriarch', the younger ones still adored her, as did I.

I let her go when life held no more joy for her. As I write this, her daughter Flute sits at my side. In the next room Flute's daughter Abi nurses her 4 day old litter. Sunny lives on in these generations & always, always in my heart.

I will never forget my Very Special Girl.

Pedigree of Darian Sundown 171311

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great-grandparents
Sh Ch Wizaland McIntosh 148820 Sh Ch Tork of Whenway 121117 Clun Roy I 92944 Dave 65455
Fly 33034
Belle 69675 Int Sup Ch Bosworth Coon 34186
Smut 51704
Ob Ch & Sh Ch Whenway Mist of Wizaland 110623 Gelert of Gawne from Whenway 98184 Roy 79357
Anna 89642
Andersley Demelza from Whenway 102452 Scot 87318
Drain of Andersley 94058
Rainbowzend at Wizaland in Darian 133798 Clun Roy I 92944 Dave 65455 Int Sup Ch Cap 50543
Phil 51336
Fly 33034 Eng Nat Ch Ben 12953
Smit 20339
Topaz 117871 Gelert of Gawne from Whenway 98184 Roy 79357
Anna 89642
Sanja Beverley of Andersley 106250 Spot 71011
Bute of Sanja 86102

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