Darian Saraband x Beesting Red Skelton JW
21:10:02 ~ 31:05:18

9 year old Teddy's stunning head 9 year old Teddy's stunning head
9 year old Teddy's stunning head 9 year old Teddy's stunning head

Teddy aged 9

I'd fully intended to keep a bitch from this mating, but Mother Nature had other plans for me. Teddy, aka Teddy Tanpants, was mine right from the moment I helped him into the world, until the moment he left, held in my arms.

Teddy was a delight from day one & we had a lot of fun together. He matured into a wonderful dog with superb angulation & a stunning masculine head. An endearing character, a bit of a clown, he always wanted to please.

He sired the most beautiful, strong, sound puppies, full of personality and with plenty of brains (you can see photos of some of Ted's gorgeous litters by clicking on this Teddytots link. Just close the window to return here).

Teddy was just a few months short of his 16th birthday when he made the journey to Rainbow Bridge. My very special boy will be missed forever, but remains deeply in my heart, adored always......

Pedigree of Darian Darqfire

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great-grandparents
Beesting Red Skelton JW Caristan Coming Storm Wizaland Loves Casanova Sh Ch Wizaland Newz Edition JW
Sh Ch & Ir Ch Image Of Love at Clan-Abby JW
Caristan Scarlet O'Hara Viber Red Fox at Beagold
Caristan Forever Amber
Beesting Cherry 231262 Sadghyl Pip Me To Come Bye CDex UDex 193219 Sadghyl Cairn 169884
Beck 165084
Bracken 211232 Ben 173787
Kate 192597
Darian Saraband Monkfield Matador Sh Ch Fieldbank Professional Shanvaal Glen 90794
Lady Fleck of Fieldbank
Firelynx Mocha of Monkfield Aust Ch Firelynx Navajho Storm
Ragelse Theodora
Darian Silver Flute Wizaland Newz Blewz NZ Ch & Sh Ch Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone
Wizaland Newz Spectacular
Darian Sundown 171311 Sh Ch Wizaland McIntosh 148820
Rainbowzend at Wizaland in Darian 133798

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