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Darian puppies are born and reared in the house, sharing our lives from the moment their eyes and ears awaken to the world. They are introduced to all the usual household events and noises and are provided with a wide variety of toys to cater for the enquiring mind of the Border Collie! Mothers are never prevented from playing with and teaching their puppies once weaned, as it provides a vital learning stage for youngsters about to go out into the world. We consider careful socialising to be of tremendous importance.

Please bear in mind that the Border Collie is a highly intelligent working dog and needs an outlet for both mental and physical energy! If allowed to become bored he is perfectly capable of finding 'work' for himself - possibly destructive, definitely creative! Border Collies require active homes, with owners who are prepared to put considerable time and effort into their training. Hard work pays off however, in well-adjusted family members of whom you can be proud.

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We consider health testing to be of paramount importance and if we breed it is only from healthy stock, who have passed eye and hearing tests and have suitable hip scores. Where sires and dams are not already 'clear by parentage' they are also screened for the seven conditions for which we currently have DNA tests (more information is available on the Health Matters page).

Puppies leave here with their Kennel Club registrations endorsed - this means that
a) they are ineligible for an Export Pedigree (this endorsement will obviously not be applied for pups travelling abroad to approved new homes)
b) none of their progeny can be registered with the Kennel Club unless I lift the endorsement. I'm always willing to do so provided all relevant health checks have been carried out prior to any mating and your Darian is in my opinion of sufficient quality to be bred from.

We like to keep in close touch with all our puppies and their new families. Darians retain their place in our hearts for the rest of their lives and whenever we can offer advice or be of practical help, we are delighted to do so. New owners are encouraged to join the Darian Facebook Group and become part of the wider Darian Family.

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Breeding a litter isn't something to be undertaken lightly yet I often hear people casually planning a litter (not just in my own breed) seemingly just because they can. If you're interested in breeding you need to be sure you're embarking on the venture for the right reasons. Click to read my article on the subject 'So You Want To Breed A Litter?'

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